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Migos Roadrunner mp4

migos roadrunner

Migos “Roadrunner” Lyrics:
Music video by Migos performing Roadrunner. Quality Control Music/Motown Records; © 2021 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Migos “Roadrunner” Lyrics:

[Intro: Offset]


You know what I’m saying?

Niggas done forgot about this shit, mane, uh

These niggas trippin’, uh,

(Producer tag: Zaytoven)

[Chorus: Offset]

[Verse: Offset]

Don’t give a fuck if a bitch is a nun (nun)

She sucking me numb, til’ I go to sleep (numb)

Told myself I am the don (don), then bought me a Don, that shit wasn’t cheap (whoo)

Nah, nah, ain’t givin’ no ones (nah), got a lil’ stick, and the arm with a reach (pa, pa, pa)

Trap out the wide body jeep (wide body)

You already know ‘bout the robotic key

Ran out of thunder, the trap doing numbers

Burn out the ‘Cat, but I serve in the Honda (burn out)

Saving my money, my vision was tunnel (whoo)

Remember I thought that 100 was something

I chose the streets and it’s hurting my momma (my momma)

I heard the beat and the millions start comin’

I had no money, been locked in the jungle (no money)

I drive the coupe and it’s not in the summer (uh, uh)

Back against the wall, they abandoned a g (back)

The Za’ it keep tasting like candy to me (Za Za)

Thottie can fuck on my man and then me (thot, thot)

Port-o-potty the opp, you smell the degree (stain)

The block, the Naw is embedded in me (Nawf)

Leave him hot, he got hit with the cut in his sleep (cut)

I pay a dub to my brother, let’s eat (dub)

Bought my bitch a new Urus and boarded the sea

[Chorus: Offset & Quavo]


Maison Margiela, I’m dripping

I’m stepping, they know that I’m repping my gang (my gang)

Wokhardt, the Perky’, the Addy’

I’m mixing the dope, got dope in my chain (dope, my chain)

Supercharge all of my cars, and I’m going to Mars

This money ain’t changed (ain’t change)

Took off my top, I’m exposing the brains, got young niggas ready to stain (oh)

Told a bad bitch, “Don’t Speak” (whoo)

Left a waterfall on the sheets (hey)

Hands on the wall, Mona Lisa (Mona)

Switch my ho by the week (sore)

Bring my flame to the street

Fuck her in the throat

Keep my name out the street (euh)

Runnin’ to the bank, track meet

Bricks in the truck, Road Runner, beep beep

[Verse: Quavo]

Demon in the Gladiator Jeep (skrrt)

Low key movin’ in the streets (low key)

Bullet-proof trucks in the fleet (rrraow)

Mafia ties too deep (go)

I cut the inside of the Mercedes, I’m crazy (go)

Don’t trap in one spot, we’ll switch the location (switch)

Ordered it up and it came with some gravy (brrr)

Bigger the bails, better come with the payment (uh)

Ain’t nothin’ just the Nawf side, Nawf (Nawf side)

Top floor sittin’ like a boss (top)

Rrring, there go the call (rrring)

Dem’ and those damn niggas fall (uh)

Behind the back, double the cross

No, I’m not talkin’ bout dribble the ball (I’m tellin’ ya’)

We buckin’ that shit on the law

Yo Gotti, the way we get off (Yo Gotti)

From the beginning (beginning), we had the talent to win it (soo)

Protectin’ the business (go), I’m buying the block new extensions (buying the block)

You can not walk in my J’s, you kiddin’

You will be finished (you niggas bitches)

Hustle mentality, Mamba mentality, scrape every dollar and penny (uh)

[Chorus: Offset & Quavo]

[Verse: Takeoff]

Big stones, it’s a waterfall leak (leak)

I never been a clone, it’s only one of me

Slide when I ride, keep the fire under me (fire)

Niggas in the street don’t think things’ sweet (sweet)

Your bitch act right, I give her a treat (treat)

Chrome Heart jeans and Patek Phillipe (ice)

She want a Birkin, I tell her go work it (whoo)

She ain’t gon’ sit there and get it for free (nah)

Lil’ bitty bitch, she petite (she is)

Thinking ‘bout taking her home with me (I might)

She hop in the coupe and get to frowning her face

‘Cause she says the Za Za stinks (ew)

My ice came from Elliot

No not the water that’s outta your sink (no)

Got so many K’s, Confederate

Don’t think about touching on my Cuban link (brrr)

I got the gang in ink

All of my bro’s gon’ stain for me (stain)

I flood the gang with chains

‘Cause I know that they won’t change on me (never)

Me and the coupe, that’s a couple (coupe)

I throw the racks in the duffle (cash)

I gotta’ ride with a cutter

Styro the cup, and it gotta’ be double (drank)

[Chorus: Offset & Quavo]

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Music by Migos performing Roadrunner. Quality Control Music/Motown Records; © 2021 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.



Migos Roadrunner mp4
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