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Neffex Worst Of You Lyric HD Video Mp3

neffex worst of you lyric


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NEFFEX – “Worst Of You” Official Lyric mp3

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I’m losing sight

of what is right

I’m hoping the worst of you brings out the best in me

and thru the night

you never see my side

so I’m hoping the worst of you brings out the best in me


your quiet yet your actions are so loud

you don’t even have to open your mouth

your aggressive without having to shout

just let it out just let it out

I’m so tired from these sleepless nights

you make me feel like I do nothing right

I can’t even open my eyes, I’m so tired, I’m so tired now


so call me blind

and throw my phone

leave my side I’ll be alone

I hate to fight but won’t be gone

you’re the one that I still want


in these times I miss what we had

just yesterday I was making you laugh

how did things get so bad?

how do I make you so mad?

I look at you and I miss what I’ve seen

a smile so bright with your eyes so green

and I’ll wait for the day it comes back to me

I’ll wait for the day it comes back to me


Neffex Worst Of You Lyric mp3
Neffex Worst Of You Lyric HD mp4

  • neffex worst of you mp3