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Prem Yog Hd Rishi Kapoor Madhoo Shammi Kapoor Bollywood Classic Romantic

prem yog hd rishi kapoor madhoo shammi kapoor bollywood classic romantic

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The story deals with Maharaj Chatrapal Singh and his wife the Maharani, who are delighted when they become proud parents of a son – the heir to the throne of Ramgarh. Their delight is short-lived when the Palace Astrologer predicts that Chatrapal will be the last of the Maharajas for Ramgarh, and no throne is destined for his son, Raju. Perturbed at this news, Chatrapal decides to protect Raju from the world, and makes him lead a secluded life within the four walls of the palace and its surrounding grounds. Years later, Raju has grown up and his has arranged his marriage with a young woman of noble parentage. Raju is unhappy with this decision, and decides to run away with his bodyguard, Gulshan. They end up in Bombay city, where Raju starts to work as a waiter in a restaurant. He meets with and falls in love with a dancer and singer, Anita Sethi, who is the daughter of a wealthy man. Her father would like her to marry Jimmy Narang, son of the wealthy Mr. Narang, but Anita too falls in love with Raju. When Jimmy finds out that Raju is an heir-apparent to Ramgarh’s throne, he tells Anita, who is angry with Raju for suppressing this information from her. Narang also informs Chatrapal, who sets off with an army, to bring Raju back to marry the woman he has chosen for him. Raju now has to make a choice – stay and be captured by his father’s men; or run away elsewhere.

Movie : Prem Yog 1994

Stars : Rishi Kapoor, Madhoo, Shammi Kapoor

Director : Rajeev Kumar

Genre : Romantic-Drama


Prem Yog Hd Rishi Kapoor Madhoo Shammi Kapoor Bollywood Classic Romantic

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