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Ram Charan South Indian Hindi Dubbed Full Movie In 2020 Hindi Dubbed 2020 Full Movie 480p

ram charan south indian hindi dubbed full movie in 2020 hindi dubbed 2020 full movie

Two dons, Cheliyan and David are enemies. Cheliyan kills David’s brother so David swears to avenge his brother’s death and waits for the right opportunity. Shiva is a youth from Kumbakonam who unites lovers and his family supports him. This brings him several troubles, one of which from David when Shiva stops David’s marriage with a girl who refused to marry him. David wants to know who stopped his marriage and leaves the place without a word after seeing him. This worries his father, Ratnam as he fears that David might harm his son. Shiva hallucinates a woman who he calls Mala, who asks him ‘Why did you do like this?’ and he replies that he will correct everything. He is having a trouble for a reason and his family consoles him. Shiva’s sister is getting married and Shiva ensures that no trouble comes in the marriage. However, on the day before marriage, Shiva had to face a critical situation through David who threatens to stop his sister’s marriage like how Shiva stopped his marriage. Shiva begs David and tells him that he is ready to do anything for him in return of letting his sister’s marriage happen without any problem. David demands him to abduct a woman from Madurai, who is the daughter of Minister Manivasagam, an influential politician Madurai. Shiva agrees and leaves for Madurai missing his sister’s wedding.


Ram Charan South Indian Hindi Dubbed Full Movie In 2020 Hindi Dubbed 2020 Full Movie 480p

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